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I am so pleased to be featured as one of the 'Women on the Move' for Forsyth Woman Magazine's February 2022 issue! You can read the full article here and pick up your copy on the stands this month. Thank you so much Forsyth Magazines for including me in your latest issue!

For years, as a creative I struggled conveying what it is I do in the best way possible. Every now and then you'll meet the self-proclaimed "Renaissance man" or triple threat and I always feared that I came across that I was trying to do too much and was confusing my audience. Though a pretty cool chic, I didn't want to appear as though I thought I was the greatest thing to God's green Earth.

I began my career with a Bachelors in Fashion Marketing but before that I had many interests (and still do!). I was a musician, blogger and visual artist, among other things. I was always told growing up that I needed to chose one, but honestly that way of life never interested me. I felt like my talents were limited and I was put in a box. So how would I chose? Ultimately I knew I had a passion for creating beautiful things which led me to teach myself graphic design and utilize my marketing skills to help others in branding their businesses.

You may be faced with the same struggle, or maybe you have narrowed down the services or products you'd like to offer your clients and feel a bit out of sorts trying to bring it all together cohesively. That's why I've gathered a few tips for you to take your branding to the next level.

Establish your target market & connect with them

When we narrow down our target audience this gets a lot easier. I have been lucky enough as a solopreneur to craft a brand that directly reflects who I am and my personal style. When you feel connected on an emotional level to your brand it resonates more with your clientele. When we speak from the heart, people take notice. We crave authenticity. You can have a great idea but if you can't market it, it's a dud.

Taglines & Logos

Your logo should make sense. Whether its a hidden message, telling a story or is simply pleasing to the eye. Chose fonts that go along with the personality of your business. For example, if you look at many tech companies, they use lower case letters which gives a more modern feel. Are you marketing to females? Create a logo that is more feminine. Put your psychology hat on. Get into their heads. When it comes to taglines, think of a short phrase or 3 words that capture your brand. it's not necessary to include your tagline in your main logo, however you may consider have a couple of options depending on where you're using the logo. My business is called Mollie B. Marketing + Creative because I wanted to be able to leave room for expansion. I often use 'Design. Marketing. Styling.' as my 3 categories but also the phrase 'Creativity runs wild here'.

Chose a color palette

It may not seem like a big deal but Instagram is all about what is visually pleasing to your audience. When a follower can scroll through your feed with ease, you are significantly more likely to receive engagement (likes, comments, follows) which can directly translate into a sale. Continue with this theme by translating to your website.

Your website matters

If you think a website is no big deal and social media is the only platform that matters, you're wrong. No doubt Instagram and Facebook are two of the best free marketing tools you can utilize, but people trust businesses more with professional websites. It doesn't have to be complex, but showcase a website that highlights your services, aesthetic and offers ways to get in touch with you is crucial. It's better to not even have a site than one that represents your brand poorly.

Have fun with it

All this branding stuff can see a bit overwhelming, so above all else remember to have fun. Creating a identifiable brand takes work and consistency, but it will pay off in dividends once you've mastered your look!


Need more assistance with your branding? Email me at or fill out a quick form on my contact page and I'll be in touch shortly!

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